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SketchChair Beta v0.9.0.1

Requires Java 1.5 or above and a video card supporting at least OpenGL 2.0.

OS X Mountain Lion users will need to disable GateKeeper in order to run SketchChair, more info on this forum post: http://www.sketchchair.cc/forum/index.php?topic=114.0

Windows | SketchChair_v0.9.0.1.win.zip

Mac OSX | SketchChair_v0.9.0.1.mac.zip

Linux JAR | SketchChair_v0.9.0.1.jar.zip

Changes in this update:


+ Reordered and added new File menu items.
+ Reassigned and added new shortcut keys, documented at: sketchchair.cc/reference.php
+ Changed ground colour to make figure easier to see.
+ Various other bug fixes.



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