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Design Interface

Tools Panel


Btn Tools Draw.png Brush Produces a single stroke with an offset.
Btn Tools Leg.png Leg Produces a leg shape. A single tapering line with its end always parallel the ground.
Btn Tools Select.png Select Selects and edits control points on paths.
Btn Tools DrawPath.png Path Used to draw a path made from control points. Control points are able to be moved, added or removed and bezier curves can be added to the path.
Btn Tools OffsetPath.png Offset Path Produces a path with an offset. This path can then have beziers added to it or points added or removed. Offset amount is able to be varied at each point.
Btn Tools Bezier.png Bezier Tool Adds and manipulates bezier control points on a path.
Btn Tools Measure.png Measure Can be used to measure your design. Size is relative to the current selected scale.
Btn Tools Scale.png Scale Used to scale a design.
Btn Tools Undo.png Undo Undo the last edit.

Layers Panel

Panel Layers.png

Btn Layer New.png New Layer Adds a new layer to the design. By default the new layer contains a copy of the sketch on the last layer.
Btn Layer Delete.png Delete Layer Delete currently selected layers.
Btn Layer Mirror.png Mirror When selecting layers also select the opposite layer.
Btn Layer SelectAll.png Select All Select all layers.
Btn Layer Guide.png Guide Layer Sets the current selected layer as a guide layer. Guide layers do not appear in your final design but can be used to control the shape of slices.

Slices Panel

Slices Panel.png

Btn Slices Slice.png Single Slice Add a single slice to your design.
Btn Slices SliceGrp.png Slice Group Add a group of slices to your design. Slice groups are added with three clicks - the first two clicks will define the start point and end points, and the third the number of slices.
Btn Slices Slat.png Slat Add a single slat to your design. Slats have start and end points and are connected to your design using finger joints. Slats are added with two clicks and can be positioned on an edge of a shape or on the center-line of a path.
Btn Slices SliceGrp.png Slat Slice Group Add a group of slats and slices to your design. This is the same as the slice group tool except slats are automatically added in between each slice.
GUI SLICE CAP ROUNDRECT.png Rounded-Rec Cap End the slice with a square end with rounded corners.
GUI SLICE CAP SQUARE.png Square Cap End the slice with a square cap.
GUI SLICE CAP WING.png Winged Cap End the slice with a curve on one side and flat on the other.
GUI SLICE CUTOFF.png Cut-Off End the slice flush with the last layer.
GUI MATERIAL THROUGHALL SLOT.png Through All Make the selected slice cut through all shapes instead of just the shape that it has been placed on.
GUI SLOT ROTATE DOWN.png Flip Slots Flip slice slots so that they go in the opposite direction.
GUI SLICE SMOOTHED.png Smooth Form slices with curves instead of straight lines. (BROKEN in current version)
GUI SLICE FOLLOW EDGE.png Flush Tops Add extra edges to slices, forming flat facets across each layer.

Camera Controls

Camera Controls.png

Camera move.png Move Camera Pan the camera view. (Right click)
Camera rotate.png Rotate Camera Rotate the camera view. (Middle click) (Spacebar returns camera to the side view)
Camera zoom.png Zoom Camera Zoom the camera view at the mouse position. (Mouse scroll)

Preview Panel

Preview Panel.png

The Preview Panel allows you to change the size of the figure by clicking on the plus and minus buttons, and to toggle the figure on and off by clicking on the eye. You can also quickly select layers in your design by clicking on them in the preview. If the mirror option is selected in the layers panel, then opposite layers will be selected together.

Pattern Preview Panel

Panel Pattern Preview.png

The Pattern Preview panel allows you to quickly preview your design's cutting pattern. Layers and Slices are also able to be selected by clicking on them in this panel.

Make It Interface

Tools Panel

Panel Make tools.png

The Make It screen is for outputting your design for cutting. Here you can set the material size and thickness along with the scale of your design and any other cutting details, for example dog-bones for CNC routing.

Plot.png Plot Design Save the pattern to a craft-robo plotting file and then send to the plotter (BROKEN currently not complete)
Print.png Print Open the pattern in the native printing dialogue.
Save pdf.png Save to PDF Save the pattern to a PDF.

Materials Panel

Panel Make materials.png

GUI MATERIAL BEVEL SLOT.png Bevelled Slots Add a bevel to the entrance of each slot to help with assembly.
GUI MATERIAL DOGBONE SLOT.png Add Dog-bones Add dog-bones to slots. Removes the internal radius on slots left when CNC routing.
GUI MATERIAL SEPERATE SLOT.png Separate Slots Separate slot paths from layer and slice paths.
GUI PACK AUTO.png Autopack Pieces Autopack pieces on the cutting sheet. This can take a minute or two.
GUI PACK LABELS.png Add Labels Add labels to the pattern.

Shortcut Keys

Mac PC Function
⌘+S Ctrl+S Save
⇧⌘+S ⇧Ctrl+S Save As
⌘+O⇧ Ctrl+O Open
⌘+Z Ctrl+Z Undo
⇧⌘+Z ⇧Ctrl+Z Redo
⌘+G Ctrl+G Physics play/pause
⇧⌘+G ⇧Ctrl+G Physics reset
⇧⌘+I ⇧Ctrl+I Show/Hide Grid
⌘+E Ctrl+E Show/Hide Ergonomic Figure
⌘+F Ctrl+F Show/Hide Floor
⌘+M Ctrl+M "Make it" - Go to pattern view
⌘+B Ctrl+B "Design it" - Go to design view
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